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We have all kinds of agriculture and wildlife seed, and can advise you on what works best. We also offer fertilizers and herbicides, with application services.

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We carry all the supplies you need to build wire fences. If we don’t stock it, we can probably order it. We also provide service for electric fences.

Godfrey's Latest

"Hi, wanted to thank you folks for the presentation given at the Georgia 4H Horse School this year. My daughter was attending for the first time and I was an adult volunteer. Upon hearing about your products and receiving the coupon to try some feed we decided to try the Miracle Horse Feed for my Thoroughbred gelding. Captain is a 19 year old hard keeper. We have tried lots of different feed, mostly Senior blends with only marginal results. After a few weeks using the Miracle Horse Feed I can really see a difference in his body score.

Through this process we not only found a new product that works for our animal but a new feed dealer. The Georgia Deer Farm Feed store in Roopville that carries your feed is new to us. They carry the horse feed all the time and are very helpful."

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